Part III. Why is Grandma Going Back to Work/Wealthy Affiliate Explained

By this time, if you have been on the Wealthy Affiliate site, you probably took the Level 1 training and built your first website on WA, and you may or may not have signed up for Premium. Regardless of whether you are straddling the fence or have actually signed up, you might need Wealthy Affiliate explained a little better.  let me tell you a few more things about WA that would be helpful to know before you get too far. These are things that I got stuck on or did not know about for a while and had to do a lot of research on, including questioning my mentor, using the search bar, looking up some posts that came up, and actually writing down (There were too many to remember.) the instructions for some things; however, you will always have access to your training on WA.

Costs of Going Premium

First, if the $49.99 cost per month is causing you grief, have a yard sale! Yes, I know it is a charge per month, but I am here to tell you that this adventure can’t go too far without a little investment, and the cost can actually be reduced by signing up for a year. But that, you will say, is a one time charge you can’t afford. By doing that you actually save a considerable amount per year. So, yes, have a big yard sale. Most productive yard sales can produce between $300 and $400 per sale. If you don’t think that will work for you, try babysitting for a few hours a week or any other odd jobs you can work in. Also consider putting it on a credit card.  The payments are far less than $49.99. Once you have made a commitment like this, you are more likely to work harder toward your goals. And by the way, remember the total costs you figured of returning to work in Part I? Just compare the cost of staying home and starting an online business with those of working on site.

Site Rubix

You are so used to clicking on Site Manager in SiteRubix that you probably neglected to take a close look at the other items. For example, take the following:  


  • Site Content
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback

Note:  Site Comments and Site Feedback is available only to Premium members.

Site Content allows you to type your posts or pages and publish them from there. You can set up your own templates, make one from scratch, or use a pre-made one.   One of the great things you can do with it is to plan ahead. When you think of something that applies to your niche and you think you want to write about it, go ahead and create a document for it, giving it a temporary title. Site Content also counts your words for you and keeps a running total of all the words in all of your documents. If you find yourself struggling for words, as writers sometimes do, just save it and create a new post, either returning to the older ones later to continue or to delete.  Use Site Content to your advantage in recording information you want to relay one way or another. That can save you lots of time later on. Clicking on ABC at the top will check spelling, punction, grammar, and sentence structure, saving you a good deal of time.  Unfortunately, you will not have access to the image part of Site Content until you become a Premium Member.


Site Comments gives an opportunity for you to offer comments on other members’ sites, giving you a choice of what is available.  You will find the instructions for accomplishing that there but if still unclear, you can question the search bar for additional information.  It is customary for the reviewer to write comments on the actual web page you are reviewing.  Please use that courtesy only to make nice comments.  When you have submitted comments on two sites, you will be allowed to ask for comments.  This is an area you can’t afford to be without because Google looks at the number of comments on your site.


Site Feedback works like Site Comments but gives you an opportunity to constructively criticize the site owner to improve the overall health of the page.  Some of the results you get are meaningful and come from people who have been around for a while.  This is also an area that you need because you have an opportunity to find out what is right and wrong about your site from people who have been there a lot longer than newer people.

Any Questions So Far?

Please ask your questions related to Wealthy Affiliate in the Comments Section below, and I will provide you with an answer or direct you to the right person.  Many questions can be answered by clicking on the banner below. Also, if you proceed with the free membership, you may ask questions of other Wealthy Affiliate members.

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