Part II: Why is Grandma Going Back to Work/Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership


Having your own online business can be one of the best solutions of all if you investigate the possibilities for affiliate marketing. This is something you have to do on your own because after all, you are the most reliable person for absorbing information and making a decision. Please consult any number of websites that investigate affiliate marketing scams to understand the nature of these scams.  “Why is Grandma Going Back to Work” is a question that many will ask.  My previous post  answers that.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership is a gift you cannot turn down if you are considering going back to work. You will reassure yourself that you can still learn and do something that is truly engaging.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of many online affiliate marketing sites one that many consider the best, including me.  For information on the success of some of these please click on success.  If you really get stumped with some of the training in Wealthy Affiliate I will assist you once you have followed the instructions in the following paragraph and have actually registered for your free membership. This is very important: Once there, you have seven days to sign up for Premium membership for $19.99 for the first month. You can sign up for Premium using the red button to the left of your screen in WA Free membership covers all of the 10 lessons in Level 1 training and in Bootcamp.

You will also be building your own free website. You are entitled to two, but I would advise you to wait until you have finished the first one and have had time to look around the site, absorbing whatever you can.  You may also ask questions of other members of Wealthy Affiliate. Do not worry about running out of time if you are attentive to following the lesson plan. I would suggest if you are working a regular job that you get started just prior to or on your days off or a holiday weekend if you are worried about running out of time to decide on Premium.

Selecting a Theme

Familiarize yourself with WordPress Themes by reviewing some of them on their website.  A theme is your website design.  You will be required to select one before proceeding very far into your training, so this would be a good time to look through some, especially reading the general information on their use and previewing what it will look like.  Some have a sidebar on the left or right, or you can select a theme with both a left and right sidebar or one with no sidebar.  The sidebars generally contain information about your website, e.g., lists your blog posts, comments, menu items, categories, and all of this varies.  Some show the date of the post, while others show no date.  Some only list the last five posts (blogs), while others list more.  Another way to see themes in action is to check out your competition on the Internet for your niche (see below) and observe each theme.  None of this information is intended to frighten you off, it is simply part of building your website.  Just query the search bar on WA and you will find other information about selecting a theme.  The same applies to Your Niche below.


Your Niche

This is something else you need to consider before gaining access because your training will go faster.  Your niche should revolve around two things:  What you are passionate about and what you believe your readers are passionate about.  List those topics that you love to talk about–things you do, things you believe in, and things you want to pass on to others because you believe you can help them. Helping others is the primary theme in creating a niche, with making money to follow.  The reason for this is that you must be able to write enough content–posts and pages–to convince your readers that you know what you are talking about and that you can enhance their lives by sharing and helping them.  You must develop trust with your readers.

Work through your list, eliminating the maybes and arriving at the sure thing that fits the criteria of your niche.  You will need to have an understanding of your niche before constructing your site.  Consider also any information you can find on the site about the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp which is primarily directed toward building websites for the primary purpose of attracting people to Wealthy Affiliate.  That is a separate training module which is also available for the free membership.

Ready to Get Started

Please click this link, Wealthy Affiliate, for their website opening, where you will acquire free membership. Once there, please read the information at the bottom of the screen, complete the required information, and click the green button to register. There is no obligation to pay, and you have nothing to lose except the time it takes to gain a substantial amount of information and build your own website following the instructions in Level 1 training. Once you are in, you access the training by clicking on the green space to your left that says Certification. You will discover 10 lessons in Level 1.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 

— Sally Berger



The first hint of spending money will occur during the free training when you learn how to use the Jaaxy tool and the Keyword Tool. Both are:

  • keyword tools
  • in Wealthy Affiliate
  • accessed on the left side of the Wealthy Affiliate screen.

The more sophisticated tool, Jaaxy, is the one that costs money; however, for training purposes you may use it up to 30 times at no charge, beginning in Level 1 training. The Keyword Tool is perfectly acceptable until such time as you want to purchase Jaaxy for keywords or other reasons. Many excellent WA members have continued to use the plain Keyword Tool with continued success.

How Do You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

In one of her blogs, Veronica, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate for nine years explains the number of ways you can earn money after establishing your own website. While she also goes into detail as to how to acquire this income by monetizing your site, do not embark on the details of this.  If you decide to become a Premium member, you will be concentrating on building your site’s content. This can take a considerable amount of time, and you need to understand this rather than set yourself up for disappointment that you are not making money after day seven.  It happens, but it just does not work that way.  It takes hard work and dedication to build your site, not to mention additional training.–the next level–which you will want to get started on as soon as you complete your first level and sign up for Premium membership.

Helpful information that Veronica offers can’t really be bought any cheaper than becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate for $49.99 a month, unless you purchase a yearly membership.  That results in a savings of $289.00.  You will not find that opportunity anywhere else.  Premium membership is not contractual and can be canceled at any time. I will send you reminders about Premium membership after you sign up for the free membership so that you will be able to take advantage of a reduced first month rate of 19.99.  To get the reduced first month rate, you must sign up within seven days of joining. If you are really unsure that you will continue with Premium, I suggest going for the 19.99, if the opportunity is still available to do that. Payment is month to month with no obligation to continue.

Please offer any comments below.

Please look for Part III of this post.


2 Replies to “Part II: Why is Grandma Going Back to Work/Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership”
  1. I wish I had read this article before I joined WA a few months ago.

    The truth is once you start things can get a little overwhelming due to the enormous volume of new info. Such a rich content!

    So I think it’s great that you’re showing the importance of checking the details of any Themes that may interest someone BEFORE making a final decision.

    Changing it, later on, might be possible but could be a lot of work, correct?

    In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the smart choice anyone willing to develop an online career should make. It’s an honest, constructive and very professional environment. And I absolutely love it!

    • Hi Eliane and thanks so much for your wonderful comments and your affirmation of Wealthy Affiliate.  I, too, believe Wealthy Affiliate was the right choice. Yes, I agree with you that it is best to get your theme right the first time due to the difficulty in changing it; however, that difficulty can be minimized by setting up a new site with a new theme, but that can be a lot of work, depending on how far one had gotten.  Thanks again.

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