If I can, you can!

Even at age 75, I look forward to a long and healthy life and hope to accomplish those things on my bucket list by trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Currently, I am working out for 30 minutes a day at least three times a week at Curves, where I am building strength, feeling better about myself, and becoming more disciplined about my health.  I have even lost inches.  True, this is a mild form of exercise compared to some of the others, and I am hoping to move on to walking at least three times a week, another mild form.

Something else about joining a gym at my age is that it is free for some of us:  If you are on Medicare, some of the Medicare Advantage plans offer this.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to feel better about your physical self.

I want to hear from you about what you do to improve fitness.  Please contribute to the Comments section on the page.


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  1. You are setting a wonderful example. Thanks. I’m so lazy. I actually love the gym and running but right now my schedule requires more time sitting that I like.
    My idea of exercise is standing up from the couch, then sitting down, standing up.. etc 10-20 times each time I get up to get a drink or whatever. And I raise my knees about to belly button level while I am getting ready in the bathroom.
    Great website!

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