Bucket List

A Bucket List is Essential to Good Health and Successful Aging


 Here is mine:Ziplining in Highlands, NC - Bucket List Item



Helicopter ride

Bungee jumping

Motorcycle ride

Whitewater Rafting

Traveling all over the world

Earn the money to accomplish the above


My ziplining adventure took place in Highlands, NC, not far from Franklin, NC, where I stayed, and just over the Georgia line.  I had five zips in my ticket, with the longest being one-quarter mile. That is what you call a worthwhile trip at a cost of less than $100.00. This was in May 2016. The owners and their employees took special care to ensure that their guests had a most enjoyable adventure.


Here’s an Update

I am happy to report that I took a beginner’s rafting trip down the Pigeon River in Tennessee in the middle of September 2017, and can mark through that item on my list. It was wonderful!  I would have preferred a little more of that white water but there was enough to make the trip worthwhile. Especially enjoyable was the camaraderie during the trip,  with everyone joining in on the yelling as we approached and went through those rough areas.  You would have thought we were going over a small waterfall.  Thanks to my fellow travelers.


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4 Replies to “Bucket List”
  1. I’ve never made a bucket list. Most likely I would not complete it any more than I remember to take the grocery list along to the store. However there are things I do like to do and/or still want to do. I am happy when I am near or preferably in water. I would like to visit more States in this Country. I want to do things that will mean something to those I leave behind. Write a family history; make quilts, share knowledge and advice. I really do not want to do anything brave that might make me hurt, regret, suffer etc. I really have never been much of a high flyer, Mountain Climber type.

  2. There is a first time for everything, and I believe you might have just made your first bucket list. Looks like you need to get busy with all of that!

  3. Tanya, I believe having a “Bucket List” gives us the opportunity to set goals we can implement during our latter years. Why not go for the “I wonder if I can do that” or “Why not overcome my fear and try this” mindset.

    Life is meant to be enjoyed, with people to meet, new technologies to learn, and an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone. It’s fun to stretch, grow, mess up, and get up and try again. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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